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Why seek Holistic Health?

M. Iles, PhD, NP, CCMH (Naturopathic Practitioner, Certified Clinical Master Herbology)

Holistic Health provides a natural way for the body to heal and to release toxins.  Masking symptoms with drugs or a mixture of  vitamins may help you feel better for a period of time, but the root of the problem usually still exists and can surface with additional health problems.  

Continuously taking products for symptoms will most likely cause an imbalance in the  kidneys, liver and digestive system.

The key to good health and balance is finding what your body needs.  M. Iles, Phd, CCMH  studies your fingernails, tongue and iris to help determine the state of your bodys health.

Your body is an excellent indictor of your health. If you are taking a hodgepodge of vitamins and herbs mixed with prescription medication, it is important to seek Holistic Health Care.  This is usually a poor mix with unpredictable results.  M. Iles Phd, CCMH takes the guess-work out of which herbs and vitamins will work the best for you, she also looks at any prescription medication that you may be taking and designs your program to prevent reactions or interference of medication and herbs. The health programs designed by M. Iles Phd, CCMH, are successful because they are based on each client’s unique health situation. 

After an appointment with M. Iles, a tailor made program is designed to remove toxins and to rebuild body systems. 

Each program works to rebuild cells, organs, bone and blood, making the body stronger and allowing body systems to fight disease, illness and pain.  Holistic programs include organic foods and the correct herbs and supplements for each specific condition. 

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine seeks the root cause of poor health conditions and therefore is more successful in finding ways to fight  illness and prevent disease.  Melody Iles, is a Holistic Helath Practitioner that examines the fingernails, tongue and eyes of her clients as well their lifestyle, stress-levels, emotional state and other factors to determine  potential health conditions.  Each person is unique and has the ability to overcome poor health disorders through a correctly designed herbal program.  Disease is normally the result of poor nutrition as well as an emotional, environmental or spiritual imbalance.   Therefore, for true healing to occur, is important to have the basics first: 

  • A specifically designed health program for your individual health needs. 
  • A cleanse (parasites, mucus, toxins, tobacco or drugs)  When the body is malnourished or polluted it is difficult to achieve good health.
  • A well designed herbal and supplement program can prevent taking too many supplements that may interfere with each other or with prescribed medications.


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