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I am here to serve you and the community with caring, respect and knowledge. Every system in your body (immune, endocrine, gastrointestinal and nervous) are connected and dependent on each other to function properly.  Any system that is not functioning correctly can cause many symptoms and health issues. Instead of diagnosing a disease, holistic health care works to place the body in a self-healing position.

I work to design individual programs that will help you achieve your immediate and long term health goals.

Every person deserves to feel their best, live the longest, healthiest and most active life possible. I promise to do to everything in my power to help restore your most precious gift, your HEALTH. 

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  • Detox - Tobacco, Drugs, Parasites, Heavy Metals
  • Weight Loss
  • Disease and Illness
  • Rebuilding Health
  • Correctly combining Herbs, Medications and Vitamins

Ageless Skin Oil contains a unique blend of precious oils and herbs.  This combination is mother natures secret weapon against wrinkles, facial scaring, UV damage, pre-mature aging and other skin related problems.  Ageless Skin Oil can be used alone or as the base for any other product.  Our Ageless Skin Oil  & Salves contains hemp oil.  Hemp oil is rich in Cannabidiol (CBD), providing the skin with minerals, vitamins and excellent fatty acids. 

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Iles of Herbs

Many people believe that Herbs are harmless and free of any side-effects.  This is not true, even herbs can have risks.  Herbs can interact with other herbs, vitamins and with prescribed medication, this is the reason it is important to pay attention to what you are taking, when you are taking it and what you are mixing it with.  A powerful healing process is created with professional guidance to properly combine herbs, medications and vitamins.

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